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Fleur d’igname
Marvellous story of the birth of the yam

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     Format : 22 cm X 30 cm
Isbn : 2-9505784-4-6
Number of pages : 24
Illustrations :11 watercolours + collage, full page
Print : Bound, square spine, hardback

The book :
Illustrated book aimed at 9 to 11-year-olds.
Enjoyed by adults for its poetry but also by young children for its wonder and illustrations.
Conceived, written and illustrated by a young author.
The setting, themes and characters are timeless.
1st prize in the 2002 youth literature competition of New Caledonia: “Livre mon ami”.

Universal themes, very close to the realities of everyday life: a single-parent family, generous and indispensable nature, respect for elders who pass on their knowledge, emphasis on a child’s courage to obtain the trust of others and control his destiny.

Chane, the hero of this wonderful story, is a young boy who lives happily with his courageous mother and his affectionate sister. He is suddenly confronted with the difficulties of life. Misfortunes never come singly, and he must face first a cyclone, then the reproaches of the members of his own tribe to finally get back all that made him happy. He will find strength in the generosity of nature to regain trust, and it is the elders who will pass on that knowledge to him. This story was imagined and illustrated with poetry by a young author.

The author :
Isabelle REVOL was born in New Caledonia in 1973. She lived in the “bush” of New Caledonia until the age of twenty, and has always been surrounded by children. During a two-year stay in France, holding the Bafa diploma, she took introductory artistic workshops at the leisure centres in the Paris region. “Fleur d’igname” is her first book.
In 2002 she wrote and published "Ma couleur à moi"

Fleur d’igname received the
2002 Youth Literature Prize of New Caledonia
“Livre mon ami”

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