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Le plus beau lagon du monde

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   le plus beau lagon du monde - Book  Authors : Pierre LABOUTE, Michel FEUGA, René GRANDPERRIN .
Format : 22 cm X 30cm
Isbn : 2-9505784-2-x
Nomber of pages : 272
Illustrations : 500 photos + cartes + index
Print : Bound, hardback.

The book :
500 spectacular photographs, captions and lively texts by the authors which bring together rigour and sensitivity.
A collection of the best photos by an exceptional naturalist.
Reference and popular work.
Hymn to the beauty of the New Caledonian lagoon.
Preface by Luc BESSON

Le plsu beau lagon du monde - Book Through 500 photos all taken in New Caledonia by Pierre LABOUTE, the majority of which are underwater shots, the authors share their great knowledge and vast experience of the marine world. The reader is led from the coast to the outer slopes, passing through calm bays, lagoon environments, white sand banks and passes, but also the islets in the lagoon, wild far-off islands inhabited by birds and visited by turtles, volcanoes and finally into the great depths in search of archaic fauna. The reader discovers the most beautiful shellfish, the most amazing and strange behaviour. An index makes research easy.

The authors :
An excellent sailor, a great diver, a remarkable photographer and an accomplished naturalist, he has produced many popular works for scientists but also for the general public. He is a diver and engineer-biologist at the IRD, (ex-ORSTOM).

An oceanographer-biologist at the IRD, he has written a great many publications and directed oceanographic and scientific campaigns, particularly in the Pacific Ocean, of which he is one of the foremost specialists.

Michel FEUGA

An officer in the merchant navy, he has sailed the Pacific for more than 15 years, published and collaborated on a series of TV programmes and captained Luc BESSON’s ship for his films.

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