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Lagons et récifs de Nouvelle-Calédonie
1600 species presented

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Athors : Pierre LABOUTE et Bertrand RICHER de FORGES
Format : 23 cm x 30 cm
Isbn : 2-9505784-7-0
Number of pages : 520
Illustrations : 2200 photos + cartes + index

Bound, hardback.

The book :
1600 species presented
Unique encyclopaedia of marine biodiversity.
A beautiful large format book featuring 2 200 photos in situ.

A work of reference for the Indian and Pacific oceans.
A wonderful and indispensable identification guide.
World renowned authors.

Pierre LABOUTE and Bertrand RICHER de FORGES, with their great experience in the domain of the Indo-Pacific seas gained while working for the IRD, present 1600 species over the 520 pages and 2 200 photos in situ, illustrating all the extraordinary biodiversity of the tropical lagoons and reefs of New Caledonia: from seaweed and mangroves to sponges, anemones, jellyfish, plankton, gorgonia, coral, starfish, shellfish, nudibranchs, nautilus, prawns, crayfish, crabs, comatula, sea urchins, snakes and turtles, dugong, through to whales and dolphins…

The table of contents guides the reader through a standard classification: each species is illustrated and labelled with its scientific name, common name, descriptions of anatomy and behaviour, anecdotes by the authors and unusual features. A chapter on the strangest behaviour encountered is illustrated with amazing photos shot by chance during thousands of hours of diving. Research is made easy with an 8-page index.

This popular work, unique and of a good scientific standard, is aimed at the general public of all ages and any person who appreciates beauty and saving coral ecosystems, with quality photos and simple language. A reference book for the Indo-Pacific region.

Lagons et récifs de Nouvelle-Calédonie , with Poissons de Nouvelle-Calédonie , by P. LABOUTE and R. GRANDPERRIN (Ed. Catherine LEDRU 2000, Isbn 2-9505784-3-8), describes all the marine biodiversity of New Caledonia on 1300 pages.

The authors :


Pierre LABOUTE, diver and engineer- biologist at the IRD, (ex-ORSTOM), is also a remarkable photographer. His exceptional knowledge of marine biology gained through thousands of hours of diving, make him one of the best specialists on marine ecosystems in the world.


Bertrand RICHER de FORGES , doctor in marine biology, is internationally renowned for the thousands of coastal and deepwater species that he has collected on numerous. Director of Research at the IRD Centre of Noumea, today he leads the tropical marine biogeography team.

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