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Guide des poissons de Nouvelle-Calédonie
700 pages , terrain format , 2500 photos, 1200 species

     Authors : Pierre Laboute et René Grandperrin.
Editor : Editions Catherine Ledru .
Layout : Jean-Jacques Mahuteau.
Edition ifographist : Denis Vigier.
November 2016/2017 edition
700 pages in colour.

The book :
More than 1200 species presented
A beautiful large format book with more than 2500 photos
A work of reference for the Indian and Pacific oceans.
A wonderful and indispensable identification guide.
The only French fish ‘bible’ known to be in publication.

World renowned authors. A book mainly dedicated to fish from coral environments, but also freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as open sea pelagic fish and deepwater fish. The table of contents guides the reader through 41 chapters: each species is illustrated with one or several photos and labelled with the scientific name, common name, certain anatomical details and anecdotes by the authors. Research is made easy with an index. Amateur and professional fishermen, divers, photographers, school and university students, scientists, decision-makers and anyone who appreciates the beauty of coral ecosystems and is concerned with their preservation, will enjoy this book for the quality of its photos and the simplicity of its texts .

The authors :
Pierre LABOUTE, diver and engineer-biologist at the IRD, (ex-ORSTOM), is also a remarkable photographer. His exceptional knowledge of marine biology gained through thousands of hours of diving makes him one of the best specialists on marine ecosystems in the world.

René GRANDPERRIN, oceanographer biologist at the IRD, has written a great many publications and directed oceanographic and scientific campaigns, particularly in the Pacific Ocean, of which he is one of the foremost specialists.

The team: Jean-Jacques Mahuteau, Catherine Ledru,
Pierre Laboute, Denis Vigier

Copyright © 2002 Editions Catherine Ledru