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Guide to New Caledonian Nudibranchs
370 species, 1000 photos, 400 pages

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     Authors : Jean-François Hervé
Format : 16cm X 20cm
Isbn : 2-9505784-3-8
Number of pages : 400
Illustrations : 1000 photos, maps, index, paperback

The book :
Sciences, biodiversity, scuba diving, photography, environment, recreational nature. A practical and compact format, an identification guide at a good scientific level, indispensible and useful for everyone, from amateur or professional biologists, divers and photographers through to schools and students. Jean-François HERVE, an ENT Surgeon by profession but fascinated by the extraordinary marine biodiversity of New Caledonia's lagoons and especially by the nudibranchs found there, is proud to present this Guide, which, after 6 years of work, features 370 species on 400 pages and more than 1000 photos, all taken in New Caledonia.

The nudibranchs have been photographed in their natural settings and are precisely described, with assistance from the rare specialists in this field from around the world. The texts, simple and easy to read, are enhanced by the author's anecdotes. The book has been enriched by the work of several photographers, both professional and amateur naturalists, together with documentation provided by the IRD. Some of the most beautiful treasures in this World Heritage site are presented in their natural settings, the striking forms and exceptional colours of the nudibranchs highlighted by full-page layouts. It's also the only document written in French about New Caledonia, in order to make a preliminary identification of the marine flora and flora, impact studies and species inventory of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoons.

The authors :

Around author Jean-François Hervé are :

From left to right :
Pierre Laboute, who took many of the photos, has an unsurpassed knowledge of tropical environments. He is also author of numerous publications.

Bertrand Richer de Forges, long-time Director of Research at the IRD Centre, Nouméa, led the tropical biogeography team. He is author of many publications and has had numerous organisms named after him.

Jean-François Hervé, trained Surgeon and author of the Nudibranchs Guide,is a dedicated enthusiast and experienced diver who has carried out an immense amount of research for this guide and enlisted the assistance of the world's rare specialists in this field.

Jean Jacques Mahuteau is a professional graphic artist and colourist who produces accurate yet lively and original page layouts. Passionate and enthusiastic, publishing is his life.

Denis Vigier, professional desk top publisher, knows how to reveal the beauty to be found in documents and to refine authors' works in order to provide an unrivalled reading experience.

Catherine Ledru, publisher, is passionate about highlighting the importance of New Caledonia's natural heritage. For many years, her aim has been to publish the most complete works possible, by bringing together key players and their knowledge of their field; people who are often unknown to the general public.

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