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Lagons et récifs de Nouvelle- Calédonie
1600 species presented.
By Pierre Laboute and Bertrand Richer de Forges

Lagons et récifs - Book

This unique encyclopaedia on marine biodiversity presenting 1600 species is a beautiful book comprising 2200 photos in situ. A superb and indispensable identification guide by world renowned authors, it is a reference work for the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Guide des poissons de Nouvelle-Calédonie
700 pages , terrain format , 2500 photos, 1200 species
By Pierre Laboute and René Grandperrin

Poissons de Nouvelle-Calédonie - Book

More than 1200 species presented A beautiful large format book with more than 2500 photos A work of reference for the Indian and Pacific oceans. A wonderful and indispensable identification guide. The only French fish 'bible' known to be in publication.

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Ma couleur à moi
Illustrated story
By Isabelle Revol

Ma couleur à moi - Book by Isabelle Revol

An illustrated book aimed at children, it can be enjoyed by the very young for its wonder and illustrations, and by adults for its poetry and interesting subject matter.

Fleur d’igname
Marvellous story of the birth of the yam
By Isabelle Revol

Fleur d'igname - Book by Isabelle Revol

Selected for the 2002 youth literature competition of New Caledonia.
This story can be enjoyed by adults for its poetry but also by young children for its wonder and illustrations. The themes in this marvellous story remain very close to everyday realities: a single parent family, generous and indispensable nature, respect for elders who pass on their knowledge, emphasis on a child’s courage to obtain the trust of others and control his destiny.
A story entirely illustrated and conceived by a young author.


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Le plus beau lagon du monde
The underwater world of New Caledonia
Par Pierre Laboute, Michel Feuga, René Grandperrin

le plsu beau lagon du monde - New caledonie - Book

Through 500 photos all taken in New Caledonia by Pierre LABOUTE, the majority of which are underwater shots, the authors share their great knowledge and vast experience of the marine world. The reader is led from the coast to the outer slopes, passing through calm bays, lagoon environments, white sand banks and passes, but also the islets in the lagoon, wild far-off islands inhabited by birds and visited by turtles, volcanoes and finally into the great depths in search of archaic fauna.

This book is a veritable hymn to the beauty of the New Caledonian lagoon. Preface by Luc BESSON.

Un rendez-vous pour les baleines
Par Claire Garrigue et Jacqui Greaves

Whales New caledonia - Book

Entirely bilingual, this book is an invitation to discover the life of humpback whales in New Caledonia, a prime observation site favoured by avid biologists Claire GARRIGUE and Jacqui GREAVES. Majestic leaps, young playful acrobats, a mother initiating its newborn whale calf, peaceful couples or amorous sparring have all been photographed and described with sensitivity and scientific rigour.
An alluring and beautiful book to understand the behaviour of whales throughout the world, but also that of marine mammals in general.

Whales New caledoniaFree gift with this book, the audio CD
"Symphonie pour un lagon".

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Guide to New Caledonian Nudibranchs
370 species, 1000 photos, 400 pages by Jean-François Hervé

Within the pages of this guide, discover some of the most beautiful treasures ever to be found in this World Heritage site. It's not only an invitation to view them at close range, but also to offer a tremendous tribute to the exceptional beauty of New Caledonia's lagoons, the extraordinary marine biodiversity and especially the nudibranches.

Author Jean-François HERVE, supported by dedicated amateur photographers, communicated with the few specialists in this field throughout the world and has also enriched scientific publications, including those of the IRD (Institute of Research & Development).

For Pierre Laboute, whose photos are included: « this guide is an exceptional opportunity to discover the amazing life of nudibranchs and their infinite variety of colours, making them truly precious living treasures ».

« This exceptional publication is brimming with behavioural information and contains many wonderful photographs together with succinct captions »

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