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Un rendez-vous pour les baleines
A bilingual anthology including an audio CD


   Un rendez-vous pour les baleines 

Un rendez-vous pour les baleines audio CD Free gift with this book, the audio
CD "Symphonie pour un lagon".
Streaming Mp3 (240 Ko) Listen to an extract

Authors: Claire GARRIGUE, Jacqui GREAVES
Format: 26 cm X 26 cm
Isbn: 2-9505784-1-1
Number of pages: 160
Illustrations: 230 photos + catalogue of 170 whales + maps + audio CD
Print: Bound, hardback.

The book:
An alluring and beautiful book to understand the behaviour of whales throughout the world, but also that of marine mammals in general.
Fully bilingual French/English book.
Free gift: audio CD recorded in New Caledonia.
More than ten years of whale-watching has culminated in this work of reference.
World renowned authors.
Un rendez-vous pour les baleinesAn invitation to discover the life of humpback whales in the tropics. New Caledonia, a meeting place for humpback whales in the southern hemisphere, is a prime observation site favoured by avid biologists Claire GARRIGUE and Jacqui GREAVES. Young playful acrobats, a mother initiating its newborn whale calf, peaceful couples or amorous sparring have all been photographed and described with sensitivity and scientific rigour. A delightful book that reveals the attachment between the whales and the authors.

The authors:
Claire Garrigue is a researcher at the IRD (ex-Orstom). An oceanographer-biologist, she studied aquatic ecology and oceanography in France.
Her observations of cetaceans in New Caledonia led her to dedicate all her spare time to them and to undertake systematic research primarily focusing on humpback whales. Her meeting with Jacqui Greaves was the determining factor in collecting, extending and communicating research and observations. Both are very active within “Opération Cétacés” www.offratel.nc/op.cetaces .
New Zealander Jacqui GREAVES is currently working at the New Zealand ministry for the environment. His studies in zoology led him to take an interest in the marine mammals of New Caledonia, particularly dolphins, then humpback whales, during a stay of several years.Un rendez-vous pour les baleines ISBN

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